Nancy celebrates the release of her latest books with Baker and Taylor at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference.

“The publisher has just finished reviewing pages for your book and he loves it!"--Pam Rosenberg, Editorial Directions

“Thank you so much for the fabulous, inspiring and empowering performance you put on for the 3rd – 5th graders at Cooper Elementary!”–-Andrea Montecinos, Georgetown ISD

"Nancy visited my school (grades 3-5) and T-M Primary (grades 1 and 2). I cannot recommend her enough--she was fantastic and everyone loved her. Very inspirational and entertaining. I am still quoting her to my students."--Libby McGee, Tuloso-Midway, CCISD

Some of the more than 300,000 “Freedom to Read ‘em” fan club kids who can’t wait to grab a hug and a book after my author visit

Teachers love to have some high flying fun during the presentation!

Visiting Author presentations are not just fun, but also include getting serious with students to help them understand they will be grounded like an airplane with no fuel in the future if they don’t use their freedom to read right now!

Nancy and fellow author Gwen Peterson Choate rocked with 5th Grade readers at Excelsior ISD.

“You are one of the best teachers I have ever encountered."--Pam Patterson, Stephenville, TX

Elementary kids learn to take off and fly high with Nancy during a recent Visiting Author Day program.


A Letter of Praise for Nancy Robinson Masters

“Last week I had author Nancy Robinson Masters to speak to grades 2-8 at Garner ISD. She may not be known to you, but our paths have crossed several times over the past 15 years. I highly recommend her as a visiting author. Nancy has a great message, "Freedom to Read'em", with the younger ones based on the philosophy "If you can read and write, you have power!" This message is carried over with the older ones also, but she includes a variety of personal experiences. She is easy to host because she has a positive attitude toward life, and her first priority is the students. Her fees are very reasonable, and based on all the feedback I received and my personal evaluation, she is definitely worth the money!” Sandra Moore, Librarian, Garner ISD

Nancy at the Kiwanis Club

"Recommend Nancy and you'll make someone's day!"

Nancy is right at home with first graders who love her books and her visiting author presentations

"She speaks to every individual as if they are one on one."

Nancy autographs Trainers of World War II for one of her favorite fans.

"The best motivational speaker I've ever heard."

With Friends at the Kroger's Book Signing

Endorsement from Ruth York, Workshop Coordinator